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Blog בלוג

The Ambash Ladies interviewed, in their home, by journalist, Amnon Levy , famous program "True Faces" on Israeli Channel 10, June 2017

Simon Holzman

Behind-the-scene pictures of the program "True Faces", Channel 10. "True Faces" dealt with the issue of bigamy / polygamy. The Ambash Ladies were invited even though their way of living with Daniel Ambash did not fall under the definition of polygamy.The legal prohibition of polygamy in Israel forbids anyone to have several simultanious official weddings registered by the State as civil/religious marriages. But there is no prohibition for joint life between consenting adults. Daniel Ambash is the partner of the Ambash Ladies. " We chose to live with our friends, in the same home, our non conventional love for Daniel. " Ambash Ladies


Amnon Levi: I'm pinching myself ... So let's start from the beginning... None of you is the first wife. A man proposes to become your partner and he is already married and has more than one wife...
Shiran Ambash : It's really not our story ! Aderet Ambash: We'll stop you right now, it wasn' t at all like this… it was just the opposite !
(Everyone laughs)
Amnon Levi: Poor Daniel, how did he manage with all of you ? …Interesting ! interesting ! and incomprehensible to me ... You are charming, I must admit, and you really don't look like battered women ! ... I wish the phone call will be from who you expect it to be. And that your truth will be the one the Supreme Court will adopt.