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Home video

Bar mitzva of B., son of Esther Bartov and a previous husband, stepson of Daniel Ambash, 2010
Bar mitzva de B., fils d'Ester Bartov et d'un précédent mari, beau-fils de Daniel Ambash, 2010

Daniel Ambash tells the story of the petek with family

Daniel Ambash family, Tveria house 2007

Daniel Ambash & family, hollidays Kineret sea, 2006

Daniel Ambash and Azamra Ambash's son sings "mode ani", 2005

Purim 2006

Tu be shevat, 2008

Theater class by David in private recording studio, Jerusalem, 2009

The boys in private recording studio, after working with Avi, the sound-man, Jerusalem 2009

Small children do a show for their parents, private recording studio, Jerusalem 2008

Small children rehearse and receive presents, Tiberias Home, 2008

Birthday party of friends with caricaturist, 2010

Music in Sukkah of Lifta Home,  Jerusalem, 2008

Rehearsal with David in private recording studio, Jerusalem 2009

Family life חיי משפחה

Music & dance מוסיקה וריקודים

דניאל אמבש,  Daniel Ambash and family, Souccot in Lifta houses, 2001     


2010 : Daniel Ambash's children on stage
שנת 2010, הילדים של דניאל אמבש על הבמה