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Blog בלוג

01/09/16, Esther Herzog meets Israel Ambash and the Ambash Ladies

Simon Holzman

Esther Herzog, anthropologist and feminist activist, meets the Ambash Ladies on september first. She listens to their story : five years of courageous fight against all the State organs (police, social workers). Esther Herzog also hears Israel Ambash' story. Son of Daniel Ambash, Israel was 14 years old when he was forced to commit perjury against his father and mother. He was brutalized and blackmailed by police investigators, manipulated by the prosecutors and abused by the social workers, forcibly committed to a psychiatric hospital. In 2014, three years after his father's arrest, (age of 16,5), Israel admitted his false testimony under the prosecutors pression in letters he sent to his father's lawyer and to the juges of the Supreme Court.