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  • Nicole & Barak Bard, video directors, France & Israel
  • Georges Boukoff, director of Art Festivals, France
  • Denis Champêtre, choreographer, Canada
  • David Cohen, lawyer, USA
  • Amit Davidoff, investigative reporter, USA
  • Jessica Vaturi-Dembo, film-maker, France & Israel
  • Dorel Gillerman, film-maker, Israel & Poland
  • Ofer Inov, film-maker, Israel
  • Anne-Laure Jourdain, book editor, France & Israel
  • Alain Kleinman, painter, France
  • Sidney Lansman, journaliste, Canada
  • Jean-Pierre Lledo, film-maker, Algeria & France
  • Jennifer Pinard, film producer, USA & France
  • Ziva Postek, film-maker, France & Israel
  • Georges-Elia Sarfati, philosopher, psychoanalyst, France
  • Isaac Sharry, film producer, France
  • Keren Sternfeld, film-maker, Israel
  • Daniela Tabor,  journaliste, France
  • Avi Tal, soundman, Israel
  • Serge Chetrit, filmaker, France
  • Asher Zelmati, career & interview Coach, Israel